Disaster Repair Services

Disaster Repair Services

At Kapella Restoration, we offer our clients a wide range of services to cover all of your Disaster Repair and home restoration needs. We understand that every situation is different, and for that reason, we’ve worked hard to develop an extensive service offering that is guaranteed to meet the needs of our clients and their unique situations.
Trust us, there’s no job that we can’t handle. At Kapella, we treat your home as if it were our own. We simply won’t quit until you’re back in your space. We’ll have your
home restored in no time at all.

We offer the most extensive fire and smoke restoration service within the city of Denver. Throughout our time in business, we’ve seen our fair share of homes that have been damaged by fires. With an extensive background in fire restoration, you can trust that Kapella has the resources and the expertise to professionally restore your home after a fire.

At Kapella, we’ve implemented a cutting-edge water removal system that utilizes advanced technology to effectively remove all water and moisture from a space, serving as our first line of attack when battling the effects of a flood. Next, we’ll work to completely replace all building elements, including flooring, dry wall, and ceiling panels to ensure that mold doesn’t have a place to grow. From there, we’ll ensure that the space is properly insulated to protect against future floods and disasters.

Mold is a common household issue, and most of the time, it hides deep behind your walls, in your attic, or those hard to reach crevices in your basement. If you spot signs of mold in your home, give Kapella Restoration a call. Our team of remediation experts will safely remove every hint of mold in your house and ensure that it is well protected against any future mold spores.

Construction Defect

Sometimes, construction or building defects can cause your home to become structurally unstable or vulnerable to another occurrence or disaster. Here at KapellaRestoration, we can help to repair and restore your home after experiencing an event due to a construction defect. In addition, we’ll work with your insurance company to help ensure that you receive the maximum payout to restore your home at little to no cost at all.